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After delivery and installation of the system sold to the buyer, a training course for people introduced by the buyer will be held by Parsis Company with a time agreement between the parties.
The training course is held in three sessions as follows:
• A theory session on system familiarity introduced to all members
• A theoretical and practical session for surgeons
• A theoretical and practical meeting for operating room staff
The training is done for a period after the delivery of the system to the buyer and with the coordination of the company and the buyer.
The people present in the navigation system training classes will be awarded a certificate by Parsis Company according to their position.
Subsequent training courses are provided by the buyer, according to a separate contract or the type of support contract, if new people are announced.

The content presented in each session is as follows:

General meeting for all nominees,

This session includes the following:

Familiarity with navigation
Scope of navigation
Advantages of navigation in surgery
Recommended surgeries for navigation
What to expect from navigation
Global statistics of navigation device usage
Internal statistics
Tips and warnings

Private meeting for surgeons and operating room staff introduced,

This session includes the following:

Introduction of Parsis guidance system
Training to work with Parsis system software
How to set up the system
How to park the system
How to calibrate system tools
How to define custom tools for the system
How to fuse images in the system
How to use other system features such as measurement, contrast change and image clarity and more
Use the system on the phantom
How to troubleshoot initial troubleshooting
Provide company contact methods to answer questions

Private session for introduced surgeons,

This session includes the following:

Presence in the operating room with professors of the relevant field and observe surgery using the Parsis navigation system
question and answer

Hospitals for which training courses have been held

Poursina Hospital Rasht, Shariati Hospital Tehran, Mofid Children Hospital Tehran, Shahid Chamran Hospital Shiraz, Sina Hospital Tehran, 5 Azar Hospital Gorgan, Baqiyatallah Hospital Tehran, Shahid Bahonar Hospital Kerman, Imam Reza Hospital Tabriz, Amir Alam Hospital Tehran, Imam Hospital Khomeini, Sari, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Ahvaz, Imam Khomeini Hospital, Tehran, Imam Hossein Hospital, Tehran, Khalili Hospital, Shiraz, Rasoul Akram Hospital, Tehran, Al-Zahra Hospital, Isfahan, Hospital Ghaem (AS) Mashhad, Masih Daneshvari Hospital Tehran, Ayatollah Kashani Hospital Isfahan, Shahid Sadoughi Hospital Yazd, Firoozgar Hospital Tehran, Tehran Children’s Medical Center, Ayatollah Taleghani Hospital Tehran, Loghman Hakim Hospital Tehran