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Parsiss Surgical Navigation System assist surgeon to find the exact location of the tumor intraoperatively in surgeries where the lesion or tumor are to some extent inaccessible and riskier to be removed with respect to its surrounding tissues.

Therefore, the probability of damaging the healthy tissues in the immediate vicinity of the tumor is significantly reduced, boosting the surgeon’s confidence and mitigate any possible uncertainty providing a situation in which the surgeon can safely, in a much more accentuated state and above all, distinguishably more precise, complete the intricate surgery, drastically lessen previously-thought unavoidable side effects of this kinds of surgeries.

Also, the likelihood of tumor removal in its entirety due to the now-available instant feedback of Parsiss Surgical Navigation System is almost guaranteed. As a result, the chance of the disease relapse is heavily subsided, avoiding further surgical treatments.

This system can be utilized in neurosurgeries, E.N.T. surgeries, spine Surgeries, etc. Since been manufactured, Parsiss Surgical Navigation Systems have been used in more than 95 specialized hospitals throughout the country, by more than 170 leading surgeons.