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 Service Delivery Process

First Step: Doctor's order

At first hand, pay a visit to your doctor (browse for a physician here) and be sure to ask for a prescription of C.T. and M.R.I. Imaging (preferably with infusion), according to the Surgical Navigation System’ protocols.

Second Step: Contact Parsis Company

Your physician will ask you to let our surgery coordinator know about your C.T. and M.R.I. imaging process. In the likelihood of your physician not introducing a medical imaging center, Parsiss will gladly present you one with respect to your location and preferences (Browse for a medical imaging center here).

Third Step: Visit the imaging center

Take the trip to the elected medical imaging center for your Scan. Be absolutely sure to obtain the files in a C.D. format which should contains all your C.T. and M.R.I. images ready to be used in the Surgical Navigation System.

Fourth Step: CD Checking

Bring or send your files containing your images to Parsiss office for their compatibility to be checked with Surgical Navigation System’ software once more. Please contact our Surgery Coordinator before doing so.

Fifth Step: Payment

After receiving confirmation, please make the necessary payments. Contact Parsiss Surgery Coordinator in order to find out the payment terms and transaction details for your surgery.

Sixth Step: Invoicing

After the surgery, your invoices will be issued via Parsiss accounting unit in which the patient can collect them by visiting Parsiss office No. 8, Hamedan Aly, North Kargar St, Tehran, Iran. Yet again please kindly contact our Surgery Coordinator (Ms. Rahimzadeh, Phone Number: 09128022053) before visiting us.