• Noorafshar Hospital

    City : Tehran
    Hospital Type : Public
    Imaging Type :
    Navigation Imaging : Has not

  • Adress : Sadeghin Alley (17 th West), Khodaverdi St, Pourebtehaj (Kashanak) St, Bahonar (Niavaran) Sq, Tehran, Iran

    At first, the place known as “Jamalabad palace” was turned by the late Abolhassan Noorafshar, into a small hospice for the care of children suffering from 
    poliomyelitis who had been left on the streets of Tehran. In 1339/9/30 (1960), Noorafshar dedicated this palace and all of its vicinity including 4 hectares of garden and an exclusive aqueduct; to the Iranian Red Crescent (which was under another name at the time). Since then, it started activity with the official name of “the Noorafshar hospice for the paralyzed” under the supervision of the Red Crescent.
    The construction of the Noorafshar general hospital was started by the late Noorafshar, but he himself didn’t live to see its opening and this hospital was opened in 1355 (1976), with an area 4500 square meters, providing services in form of orthopedic 
    surgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, a laboratory and radiology.
    After the Islamic revolution, for a short time, management of the hospital became the 
    responsibility of the ministry of health and welfare and during the period of the imposed 8 year war with Iraq, it was used for care of the war victims under the supervision of “bonyade shahid”. After the war, it was used as a hospice for the war veterans with 
    disabilities and was managed by the “bonyade mostazafan va janbazan” establishment.
    Finally, after lots of effort from the Iranian Red Crescent and with the scientific support of Tehran University of Medical sciences; and after reconstruction of the main building together with construction of clinic and office buildings, which took around 13 years, in early 1392 (2013) the hospital was reopened as an advanced. 
    rehabilitation and sports medicine sub-specialty hospital. It now has 22000 square meters of medical and office building area.

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