Robotic Brain Biopsy System (Draft)

10 September 2017

 In one general aspect, systems and devices disclosed herein may utilize 3D imaging and surgical navigation systems to facilitate the biopsy procedure. Disclosed systems and devices may benefit from a high degree of freedom (DOF) and may be controlled via the joints and their implemented actuators   According to some implementations, systems and devices as described herein may be installed on the side of the surgical table for the convenience of the patient and the surgeon by providing ease of access and preventing disturbances to the patient. According to other implementations the systems and devices disclosed herein may also be mounted on the patient’s head.  According to exemplary implementations, the robotic systems of this disclosure may consist of hardware, software, and electronics, the integration of which may control the general behavior of the robot as well as the individual behavior of each actuator. The linear or rotational motions of each actuator may ultimately result in the placement of the surgical instrument at the proper position. The interactions between the different actuators may be organized such that the entire mechanism may be locked with fixing one actuator, for which a screw is intended.  According to some implementations, disclosed systems and devices may be capable of 3D imaging and may be equipped with a surgical navigation system for a more precise guiding of the surgical needle. The software used herein may directly connect to the navigation system, then determine the appropriate position of the surgical instrument and guide it to this position