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After the delivery and installation of the system, a training course will be held by the PARSISS Company, for the personnel introduced by the consumer, with the time and date agreement between the parties. The training sessions will be held in three sections as following:
  • One session is the system introduction theory for all of the members introduced.
  • One session is the theory and practical lessons for the surgeons.
  • One session for the theory and practical lessons for the personnel of the operation room.

One training course will hold, after the delivery of the system to the consumer and by time accord between the company and the consumer.

A certificate will be given to the participants of the navigation system course according to their profession.

If the consumer introduces new persons for the training course, future courses will take place based upon a new agreement or depended on the support agreement.

An introductory meeting presented to all

This meeting includes:

  • Introduction to Navigation Technology

  • Applications of Navigation Technology

  • Advantages of using Navigation Technology in surgery

  • Popular Surgeries utilizing surgical navigation systems

  • What you should expect from surgical navigation systems

  • Global statistics of surgical navigation system usage

  • Iran’s statistics of surgical navigation system usage

  • Recommendations and warnings

An introductory meeting presented to alA special meeting for the surgeons and the elected staff
This meeting includes:

  • Introduction to Parsiss Surgical Navigation System

  • How to use the Surgical Navigation System software

  • How to set up the system

  • How to calibrate the system tools

  • How to define any arbitrary as a recognizable tool for the system

  • How to fuse images in the system

  • How to use other software’s features such as measurement, 

  • contrast and transparency adjustments of images

  • Using the system on a phantom model

  • System maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Providing contact information for any further question

Last meeting for the surgeons only

This meeting includes:

  • Passive Participation in specialized surgeries assisted by Parsiss surgical navigation systems

  • Q&A

Training Courses have been held in following hospitals

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