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DentoGuide™ is a computerized navigation system designed to guide the placement of dental implants in real time. In contrast to the bulky plastic drilling guides, DentoGuide™ offers freehand implant navigation empowered by highly accurate motion tracking technology that tracks the positions of the dental drill and patient throughout the surgery. This equips implant surgeons with valuable and detailed information of the drilling path while keeping their full control over the implant drilling beside the direct view of the implant site.

» High precise and reliable navigation system
» Advanced, user friendly and robust software
» High maneuverability Flexible arms
» Large monitor
» Supporting Wide range of image types

General Features

  • Interactive, step by step guidance present you with the capability to improve every movement of yourhand piece no matter how minute it might be, during osteotomy and implant delivery, for a more meticulous implant placement similar to GPS for your drilling.
  • Dynamic 3D Navigation for a more reliable Implant Surgery
  • Simple Process Using Electromagnetic Technology.
  • Intuitive User Friendly Planning Software Reduces unnecessary Planning and Chair Time.
  • Enables 360° Rotation of the 3D Model to monitor the Position of Drill with respect to its Surrounding Structures.
  • Image Reorientation before Reconstruction of the 3D Model to correct any possible tilt of patients’ head during imaging process.

Import & Manage Image Dataset

  • Support different type of DICOM datasets, e.g. CT, MR and PET
  • Import images from different media, e.g., DVD, CD and memory stick
  • Automatic detection of image dataset’s problems
  • Compatibility check of image datasets to comply with navigation requirements
  • Orientation correction of image dataset
  • Add new image dataset to the existing data intraoperatively

3D Segmentation and Modelling

  • Rapid and automatic segmentation of bone and skin in CT images.
  • Semi-automatic segmentation of selected areas in a wide variety of images
  • Ability to specify the area for segmentation
  • Cross section of the three-dimensional model of the patient’s jaw for better visualization of the depth of the bone
  • Automatic feature of define critical anatomical sites

Surgical Planning

  • Preoperative simulation of surgical procedure in virtual environment
  • Capability to set and modify target and entry points on 2D images or 3D model
  • Capability to adjust visualization parameters of surgical path, e.g., color and opacity
  • Trajectory animation of surgery approach

Tracking Device & Tool Support

  • Support active and passive surgical instruments
  • Automatic detection and validation & easy calibration of surgical instruments
  • Handy and multiface instruments to facilitate surgical maneuver 


  • Display landmark registration error in 2D and 3D model for registration refinement
  • Automatic landmark capturing
  • Automatic evaluation of the new captured landmarks
  • Surface registration to achieve higher registration accuracy
  • Inform final registration error


  • Capability to define check points for intraoperative verification of registration accuracy
  • Real time display of distance between predefined target points and tooltip
  • Dynamic 3D cutting  of the model at current position of the tooltip
  • Capability to freeze images in order to review, measure and other operations
  • Audio-visual alarm when the tracker misses the reference or tools
  • Audio-visual alarm when the tooltip approaches to predefine to critical area
  • Intraoperative surgical simulation using virtual tip
  • Real time display of distance between predefined target points and tooltip
  • Auto-measurement of distance from tooltip to arbitrary points
  • 3D distance measurement
  • Auto-snapshot from surgeon’s view of interest